Saturday, April 9, 2016

How I make it happen

Sewing in a small space for me means using this small collapsable ironing board. I find its ease of storage outweights the hassle of repositioning the piece being ironed plus it is very portable for the projects I have sewn on the go. The one major flaw of it was how inadequate the padding was when I purchased it which in turn developed into one of my must fun projects recovering it making use of stuff I had at home.

I adore this printed cotton fabric and never knew what to make with it until this idea came along. A few layers of cotton quilt batting leftovers for the padding and the existing cover as a pattern reusing the string it came with to secure the cover snuggly over the metal base.

The best part was making my own matching bias tape using the Janome Rotary Even foot. I keep the metal bias tape maker in the same was purchased seperately.

These handy gadgets I've had hanging around for a decade and I never actually took on a test drive but happily worked like a charm!

Here we see how I cut out my recent blouse project. My table is easy to pull out from the wall so I can stand anywhere I need to position myself for little table on wheels is very handy for all kinds of uses: ironing board base, serger table, storage under the cutting table etc. All of which is rather quick to tuck back in and clean up when finished.
The fitted blouse I am making is the finishing touch to a rather epic knitting project I worked on in February with the help of my 'Downton Abbey' marathon. Any little mistakes I blame on the fact that the series had me (and the whole family) glued to the screen.
More on these projects soon!

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