Saturday, March 19, 2016

Small space sewist

Welcome to my new small sewing space. 
Just a folding table that I can easily move around if I need to spread out. Lots of daylight and a door to the garden...


I have a cork board to pin my current pattern in progress along with the pattern notes and my measurements are temporarily taped to the wall.
I have my favorite little drawer box with my tools and a ceramic owl full of pens and scissors.
I have a tin box with some thread and a sewing box with my embroidery threads...
My cutting mat is at the ready -- love this thing!!
There is a plastic drawer box on the floor where I keep my fabric scissors, zippers and haberdashery.
Under this table is a smaller folding one on wheels we found at a garage sale that I can pull out and use for my first or second serger. It is also a great place to store my many rulers when everything is neatly tucked away.


We found this rustic armoir at the flea market a few years ago. Len put the shelves into it and it has served as a linen closet but now I have my sewing books, iron, pressing ham and current project fabric in there. I store my measuring tapes on a hook and my pattern pieces I hang from a binder clip in between sewing sessions. I like to keep my table tidy since it is in a high traffic area.

My fabric stash is kept in a bedroom closet along with a few more of my gadgets and my printer is on top of the cabinet which is easily accessed when I stand at the top of the stairs of this split level part of our house.

Stay tuned for more about what I have been busy creating!

- Aline xx

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