Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meet the staff

I have been very pleased with my Janome sewing machine. I do find it heavy to move around with my small space I have to keep clearing the table but it has been a real gem. I can embroider words with memory for labels...button holes like nobody's business...it takes thick fabric very well, too.
My new Imagine serger is the best thing for me... I have never got the hang of adjusting tension dials. I look forward to really testing what this baby can do!
Then there is Pete. He is my half-pug 'compagnon'... He is always beside me when I am home. We keep each other happy. We go for long walks when the weather is perfect and sometimes when things get tricky in the sewing room that is the best way to tackle it.

The is my Janome serger. It does not get much action since I use my Imagine but I was advised that if I keep one serger threaded in white and one in black it is much faster than changing threads back and forth. Good idea but I don't have much space... I would sell this machine if someone was interested. :D

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