Friday, March 25, 2016

Projects circa 2015

In May... 
I was invited to a work related gala and we, the staff, decided to sew our outfits for the evening. We all showed up for the event wearing red and the big reveal of what each of us made was so much fun!

This was my dress...I picked this Burda pattern because I love anything with no waist... The clever construction used both sides of the fabric. The shinny side for the center panel and collar; the matte side as a contrast.

Fabric: satin from Paquette Textiles.
Pattern: #125 02/2008
Size: mods just cut straight into the fabric without so much as a paper Burda!
The pockets are a bit low for my T-rex arms to reach but it's a party dress so who cares.

BTW...I think this is the first dress I have ever sewn for myself...really??

#125 02/2008 Burdastyle magazine

In March...
I love jackets. And this is my first attempt.

Fabric: Polyester from Paquette Textiles
Pattern: Simplicity 2227
Size: 10
Mods: Moved the apex, shortened and widened the waist. Added shoulder pads.

This was my prototype. I did make a muslin out of denim first but this version is so cute that I do wear it to work. I would love to make this again in cute summer twill fabric or light denim. I do need to tweak the pattern a bit more...I find the back is snug since I gained a few pounds. Ahem. I think I need to adjust the front armscye.

My latest skirt. (I've sewn mostly skirts through the years)

Pattern: Simplicity 6542
Size: 14
Fabric: Woven wool blend, poly woven lining (all from the remnants section) and pleather for the waist detail from Paquette Textiles
Mods:  I moved the darts, rounded the hips, and of course, shortened it. I lined it using my pattern pieces as a guide. Applied an invisible zipper to the right side...I like my zips on the that weird? I blind hemmed the to blind hem.

This is it for sewing last year...I sure am happy I have more time now to get things done.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meet the staff

I have been very pleased with my Janome sewing machine. I do find it heavy to move around with my small space I have to keep clearing the table but it has been a real gem. I can embroider words with memory for labels...button holes like nobody's takes thick fabric very well, too.
My new Imagine serger is the best thing for me... I have never got the hang of adjusting tension dials. I look forward to really testing what this baby can do!
Then there is Pete. He is my half-pug 'compagnon'... He is always beside me when I am home. We keep each other happy. We go for long walks when the weather is perfect and sometimes when things get tricky in the sewing room that is the best way to tackle it.

The is my Janome serger. It does not get much action since I use my Imagine but I was advised that if I keep one serger threaded in white and one in black it is much faster than changing threads back and forth. Good idea but I don't have much space... I would sell this machine if someone was interested. :D

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Small space sewist

Welcome to my new small sewing space. 
Just a folding table that I can easily move around if I need to spread out. Lots of daylight and a door to the garden...


I have a cork board to pin my current pattern in progress along with the pattern notes and my measurements are temporarily taped to the wall.
I have my favorite little drawer box with my tools and a ceramic owl full of pens and scissors.
I have a tin box with some thread and a sewing box with my embroidery threads...
My cutting mat is at the ready -- love this thing!!
There is a plastic drawer box on the floor where I keep my fabric scissors, zippers and haberdashery.
Under this table is a smaller folding one on wheels we found at a garage sale that I can pull out and use for my first or second serger. It is also a great place to store my many rulers when everything is neatly tucked away.


We found this rustic armoir at the flea market a few years ago. Len put the shelves into it and it has served as a linen closet but now I have my sewing books, iron, pressing ham and current project fabric in there. I store my measuring tapes on a hook and my pattern pieces I hang from a binder clip in between sewing sessions. I like to keep my table tidy since it is in a high traffic area.

My fabric stash is kept in a bedroom closet along with a few more of my gadgets and my printer is on top of the cabinet which is easily accessed when I stand at the top of the stairs of this split level part of our house.

Stay tuned for more about what I have been busy creating!

- Aline xx